About Sage Advice

At Sage Advice, our mission is to contribute to sustainable life. We do this by helping our customers create beautiful, sustainable landscapes.

We offer landscape design for organizations and individuals who wish to create sustainable green spaces. We are certified by the National Wildlife Federation to create wildlife gardens, and we have helped many clients to create gardens that are welcoming to birds, butterflies and bees.


Landscape Design: for a single view, a full landscape, or a large-scale site

Landscape Consulting: for implemeting new concepts, solving problems in the landscape, selecting new plants, and attracting wildlife. Sage Advice is listed as a Certified Wildlife Landscaping Consultant by the National Wildlife Federation.

General Contracting: selecting partners to install or upgrade landscapes, working with arborists on tree care, sourcing plants, and collaborating with hardscape contractors to install patios and other outdoor hardscapes

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Carol Becker