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Read The Hole Story

Sage Advice principal Carol Becker has been published this month in Landscape Architecture Magazine. Her story about how the Hornsby Quarry in New South Wales, Australia, moved from an accidental money pit to the best new thing Australia has to offer in the way of parkland is all about politics, geology, preservation and conservation, and […]

The biggest rain barrel you have ever seen

This is s typical water collection tank for a home in Adelaide Australia. It holds 20,000 gallons of water and supplies all the water needs for this 3-bedroom house. Water is purified on site and made ready for all uses, including drinking and cooking. All new homes are required to have tanks such as this, […]

What about water?

Water is scarce and valuable here. Australia, the size of the U.S., is divided into only six states and its population is just under 23 million. One of the fastest growing states is New South Wales, where new homes are now required to have tanks for gray water, which is used for many purposes in […]

Daily life in a dry land

It’s clear that folks here are used to conservation. Even before we got here we could tell. On the airplane, most paper is placed in recycle bags by passengers. Cans and bottles are recycled separately. Once on the ground we quickly learned that ALL toilets in Australia are dual flush, and at public venues, all […]