Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is grounded in three beliefs:

Sustainability in the creation of a garden space — or an entire yard  — requires a connection between people and place.

Our landscape is both interior and exterior. What we imagine we can do. What we see, we reflect in our ideas and our work. Where we are allows or prevents us from thinking deeply and being creative. Creating sustainability is all about seeing our space.

A garden is never finished. It is always a creation in the making. Unlike buildings, plantings mature and change each year.


Grounded in these beliefs, we specialize in working with clients who want to be involved with and connected to their landscape. But you don’t have to be an avid gardener yourself to be the right customer for Sage Advice. You simply have to see your space, and want some connection with it. 

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of your garden from inside, while saving money to keep it beautiful?

Are you interested in less watering and less general maintenance in your garden?

Do you want to bring wildlife to your garden — without having the critters eat everything you plant?

Do you want to solve a problem using an ecological solution?

Do you want to create a lawn that is free of herbicides, so that children and pets can plan there safely?

Do you look forward to enjoying the changes in your garden as the season progresses and the years go by?

All of these desired outcomes qualify you as a customer for Sage Advice!