Butterfly Gardens Emerging

It’s encouraging to see so many people putting in butterfly gardens now that summer is really here. At Sage Advice, we’ve put more in every year for the past 5 years . Each time we do, we THANK our customer for caring about and investing in insect life. Our own well being demands that we do, but it’s still something to be thankful for every time someone creates habitat for butterflies, bees, and other insects.

After we say thank you, we REMIND our new butterfly garden owner that “it takes time” for the garden to emerge to its full beauty. Truth be told, we don’t typically post pictures of these gardens in their first year. Compared to ornamental gardens, they look puny at first. But later on, like the tortoise that eventually outstrips the hare, native plant butterfly gardens far outshine and outlive the ornamental garden in beauty and value. Here we post the pictures to prove our point. CLICK on each picture to see the next one!

This particular butterfly garden, a small one by any standard, was first planted in 2015. Today, it is beautiful thriving and supporting wildlife. It doesn’t seem small anymore. It takes time. Nature requires our patience as well as our concern.